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Picture This: You’re a Clinical Researcher Interested in Studying the Effects of Tobacco on your Participants. How Might That Happen with Conseris?
Here's How You Could Use Conseris.
  • Initial Problem
  • Data Collection
  • Data Visualization
  • Share Your Results
Initial Problem

Tobacco users across the US are experiencing shortness of breath, tooth decay, cancer, cataracts, and strokes that could be correlated to their tobacco intake. The severity of the trial participants symptoms vary, though upon further examination, they could relate to age, frequency of intake, and family history.

Data Collection

You proceed to collect statistics from 20 trial participants detailing their age, location, frequency of intake, symptoms, and family history in order to better understand the correlation. The customization and design options within your Conseris workspace allow you to add, edit, and change these metrics at any time. While interviewing participants and entering their data, you notice that participants aged 18-25 who smoke less than once per week are less likely to develop tobacco-related side effects. Taking your research a step further, you decide to view participants aged 18-25 under a closer lens; using a few filters, you can hone in on one aspect of your studies with ease.

Data Visualization

Now that you’ve gathered your data, you’re eager to see it in action. How do the symptoms of participants in the midwest compare to those in the south? Is there a link between gender and likelihood of developing common tobacco-related side effects? How about genetics and family history? With Conseris’ data visualization options, you’ll be able to view your data in 360 degrees. Intelligent algorithms within the Conseris platform automatically generate crisp, beautiful charts and graphs from your data.

Sharing Your Results

Whether you’re publishing your studies in an academic journal, presenting it to your colleagues, or archiving it for personal reference, your Conseris workspace can store your data, along with every edit and change made to it over the course of your clinical trial. Check out what we mean by testing out our interactive dataset and experience the Conseris difference.

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