Just A Few Reasons To Love Us
The benefits of using Conseris are limitless, but let us list a few of our most popular features.
You May Be Wondering: Why Conseris?
  • Efficiency/Mobility
  • Collaboration
  • Data Visualization
  • Offline Capabilities
Take Conseris Anywhere

Your work doesn’t stop when you leave the office, and neither should your data. We designed Conseris for the passionate researcher whose ideas don’t always fit between four walls. Whether you’re miles above the earth or away from the nearest village, Conseris won’t stop working until you do. Let our mobility maximize your efficiency with the Conseris App and seamless desktop site.


Conseris isn’t just a data app; we’re also a virtual workspace. Whether you and your teammates are cubicles or countries apart, each project member can view, analyze, and share their data in your unique virtual office. We believe that collaboration makes for the best creations so let us join your team and see how we can help you.

Data Visualization

Your data, reimagined. We all know spreadsheets are boring. Conseris makes data interactive, from your first entry, to the finishing touches. As your data grows, our visualization options will allow you to view your project’s evolution using crisp, beautiful charts generated by Conseris’ intelligent algorithms. You don’t need to be a statistician to understand these complex algorithms; let us do the hard work for you.

Offline Capabilities

Heading off the grid? We’ll follow you there. In the lab, in the jungle, or in the desert. Data starts anywhere. When you take Conseris along on your next big adventure, rest assured that your workspace will be available with or without wi-fi. Design, make changes, and share your work without worry; all of our features will still be available to you.

Small Team, Big Capabilities

Conseris is a database you can trust. Your data is safe, easy to access, and ready to share at a moment's notice.

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Industries Conseris Can Help
Biomedical Engineers
Collect consistent side-effect data from your trial participants.
Clinical Researchers
Survey your patients' symptoms without lifting a finger.
Animal Researchers
Share your research findings with one click.
Collect your field data from anywhere on the planet.